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Press releases, interviews, reviews and more

• RoadieMetal (Brazil), October 22nd 2020

Skunk Oil - Band releases new single

• WikiMetal (Brazil), August 3rd 2020

Bandas brasileiras que voce precisa conhecer

• BuzzMusic (USA), July 21st 2020

Spotlight: Skunk Oil Will Amplify Your Senses

• RockMetal (Brazil), July 16th 2020

"Godlike" single and music video press release 

• BuzzMusic (USA), July 15th 2020

Skunk Oil fires up with their latest single, "Godlike"

• A Ilha do Metal (Brazil), July 11th 2020

"Godlike" song and video press release

• Rede Metal (Brazil), July 11th 2020

Skunk Oil: Tipico anti-herói no videoclipe de "Godlike"

• RoadieMetal (Brazil), July 10th 2020

"Godlike" song and video press release

• RoadieCrew Magazine (Brazil), July 10th 2020

"Godlike" song and video press release

• Stay Rock Brazil, July 10th 2020

"Godlike" song and video press release

• Rock At Night (USA), July 9th 2020

"Godlike" Music Video exclusive premiere article

• Rock At Night (USA), July 5th 2020

Single "Godlike" release and review

• Maneras de Vivir (Mexico), June 29th 2020

Skunk Oil (USA, Brasil) debutan con el sencillo Godlike

• Rockaxis (Chile) June 24rh 2020

Band & single,"Godlike" press release

• Metalperver Blog (Turkey), June 23rd 2020

Song "Godlike" review and publication

• Rock Era Magazine (USA), June 22nd 2020

Singe "Godlike" review

• Voyage LA (Los Angeles - USA), June 15th 2020

EP 'Skeletons In The Closet review, page 50.

• Heavy Leather TV Show (USA) April 24th 2019

Live performance and interview

• Roadie Crew Mag (Brazil), Printed Edition #238, Nov. 2018 

EP 'Skeletons In The Closet review, page 50.

• Divide & Conquer, (USA) November 13th 2018
EP "Skeletons In The Closet" Press release

• Roadie Crew Mag (Brazil), September 13th 2018

EP "Skeletons In The Closet" Press release

• (Brazil) September 12th 2018

EP and Lyric video release, and interview with the band

• Roadie Crew Mag (Brazil), July 5th 2018

Press release about the single "Ritual"

• The Metalhead Community (USA), July 2nd 2018

Single "Ritual" review

• Rock Rage Radio (Boston - USA) June 21st 2018

Song release and review

• (Brazil) June 4th 2018

Single "Ritual" press release and band interview

• WEMF Radio (Boston - USA), April 4th 2018
 Live interview with Dennis, Caio, and Jaska

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