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On November 2022, Skunk Oil performed and recorded live five songs. including two new ones, at Voxx Studios in Los Angeles. The band's new lineup has Dennis D'Angelo. now on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Luis Castro on Background Vocals and Guitar, Caio Moskalkoff on Background Vocals and Drums, and their longtime "partner in crime and music", Blue House. on Bass Guitar. The video features the band's  raw and energetic performance of the song "Illusion" from their EP "Skeletons In The Closet".

A DIY music video the band made full of bloopers, recording sessions footage, show clips and other funny moments the band shared while composing, recording and performing the material of “Under Skinned”.

A megalomaniac anti-hero, manipulative and blindfolded by his own madness, pompously claims to be godlike and desperately tries find followers.

When the sounds of Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Muse, and Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson colide and create a fresh blend of a groovy high-energy, straight forward punch-in-your-face sonic expression...a song like this comes to life.

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