"The different textures images blend well, leaving everything cohesive, and, mainly, coherent. Aside from that, they know how to work out the "up beat" choruses, which guarantees a good listening. A different and pleasant work to listen to.”

-Leandro Coppi (roadie crew)

Roadie Crew Magazine - Br

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"“Ritual” made me a fan of Skunk Oil within the first 30 seconds of the song. I was hooked, instantly drawn in by the slow, dark, and haunting atmosphere. The voice and music perfectly synced and tapped into the right vibe to make me feel like releasing every evil thought and bad feeling I was holding in. This song is a masterpiece that I put on repeat."

-I'm Music Magazine

I'm Music Mag - US

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"Boston-based indie metal band Skunk Oil have released their debut EP called “Skeletons In The Closet,” which just dropped this week. 

Raw and energetic, “Skeletons In The Closet” is meant to be played loud, and with this full lineup only being together since this time last year, Skunk Oil can only go up from here."

-Indie Minded - US

"Seems easy for us to have so broad references, but for each song of us we look for a different vibe."

 -Dennis D'Angelo during a interview for Roadie Crew Magazine.

Rodie Crew - Br

"This band is the complete package of rock music."

-Rock Rage Radio

Rock Rage Radio - US

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"The production is top notch and the band can seriously rock your socks off. There were multiple times I couldn’t help but pump my fist in the air. "

-Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer - US

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The first single, "Elephants Paw", released in may, just earned a lyric video [...] "Imagine if ALICE IN CHAINS, BLACK SABBATH, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE e MUSE collide and from this merge creates a energetic sound, with a straight forward riff and a solid groove like a punch in your face. The track “Elephant’s Paw” is that fusion”, explain the drummer Caio Moskalkoff.

-Roadie Crew

Roadie Crew website - Br

"With a good feedback on the first single, "Elephant's Paw", released in may, the band Skunk Oil show their brand new song: "Ritual"" - Br

"This is something that you cannot plan or foresee. It happens naturally. And believe me, it always happens to the right people."

  -Metalhead Community about Skunk Oil.

Metalhead Community - US

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