A megalomaniac anti-hero, manipulative and blindfolded by his own madness, pompously claims to be godlike and desperately tries find followers.

When the sounds of Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Muse, and Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson colide and create a fresh blend of a groovy high-energy, straight forward punch-in-your-face sonic expression...a song like this comes to life.

A dynamic journey through one's idolatry can be visceral and intense, yet beautiful and mysterious. That's what the song "Ritual" is all about. Ranging from the creeping moods and metaphors a band like Black Sabbath would do, to the honest rawness and in-your-face attitude Alice In Chains has, this song is the perfect balance between "tension and release".

When some people make the world from inside their minds their own reality, they inevitably fall on traps of they own making. The fast pace of life and it's relationships is both exciting and manic, especially when you set high expectations of the wrong people. This song explores this idea giving it a sense of irony and cynicism with a bluesy alt/rock groove that will make you want shake your hips, bang your head, and sing along.

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